Hannes Hermansson

Maker / Programmer

I'm a programmer and tinkerer who love anything to do with web development, AI/Machine learning and microcontrollers.



I have always loved taking things apart and figure out how they work. Early on I taught myself the basics of electronics and started experimenting with basic circuits and micro-controllers. I later advanced to building 3D-printers and drones and other cool/useless stuff!

I have some of my projects up on instructables.
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I was introduced to programming trough arduino and c++ was my first language. I later advanced to Python and JavaScript among others. My interests within programming lies in web apps and machine learning with python as my language of choice.

Some of my projects can be found on my github below!



I have always loved photography and being able to capture something the eye can't. I like taking pictures with character and do alot of macro and landscape photgraphy when i get the chance.
I have a selection of my pictures below:

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